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About Us

Our company was established in 1968, and today serves the sector with our partners with a 7,000 m2 of metal production plant and a 7,000 m2 of wood production plant.

With following up the emerging technologies, our company renewed production lines, product quality and managed to move to the next level. This success has been registered with ISO 9001:2008 Certification. As a result of these investments with rising quality standards Our company gained the chance of working with domestic and international brands.

As a result of rising product quality, to produce more quality projects, technical details and to improve solution we established Stüdyo KA Architecture Company, which give service to our client in order to carry out turnkey projects presented. The purpose of the Stüdyo KA Architecture Company is not to build a rivalry between the architecture companies. The purpose is to produce more economic goods with developed technical details and contemporary sense, without compromising on quality in the line between design and manufacturing. Our group companies continue to produce valuable projects with this aim.

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